While our doors are open to anyone, some people decide to give greater support by either making monthly donations or volunteering at the House. Members and volunteers are the lifeblood of The Philosopher’s House – they are people who appreciate the work we do and want to be an ongoing part of our community. Our members and volunteers are like family and we strive to provide them as much service and support as they provide us. Without them, the House would be much less magical.

You can become a member by making monthly donations as described below or volunteering at the House weekly. Volunteers can choose from numerous ways to help, including serving tea, cleaning, or teaching classes. Join our volunteer Facebook group for more information:

Membership Benefits

We want our members to spend time at the House. With this in mind, members receive:

  • 20% off menu items. All the time. (Come more often!)
  • One free bag of loose leaf tea per month. (Pick any one off our rack!)
  • Secret members-only menu items. (Always changing!)
  • Priority registration for special events and workshops. (Some events have limited seating!)
  • Members-only special events. (Ranging from tea experiences to potlucks!)

Every person who volunteers at the House weekly gets a free membership. Those interested in supporting us financially (whether or not they volunteer) can sign up below.

Membership: $25/month

All membership fees are tax deductible.

117 W. Fairview Ave Johnson City, TN