It’s like your living room, but filled with extra books, more smiling people, and tea.  

The Philosopher’s House is a liberal arts tea house– a gathering space, library, and class space in one. Designed to be a “living room” for inquisitive and compassion-focused people, The Philosopher’s House is a place to relax and explore new ideas in an intellectually-curious and supportive community. Drop by to get a drink, read, work, or join one of our various classes/meetups. 

We host a variety of classes and meetups, including reading groups, philosophy discussions, tea workshops, tai-chi, meditation classes, secular Buddhist and Daoist groups, and meetings for various environmental and social justice groups. We also encourage community members to use our space for their own secular meetups.

Our main floor has a comforting feel– a place where everyone is encouraged to get a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy the space while working, playing board games, or reading from our library.

Our second floor houses the Meditation Room– a calming, reflective space where our meditation, art, and various other classes are held.

The Philosopher’s House overlooks King Commons park downtown, a beautiful outdoor space we use for classes when the weather is too compelling to stay indoors! 

117 W. Fairview Ave Johnson City